Sunday, March 4, 2012

A maxim of strategic thinking

'If you want to shoot, shoot for the moon even if u miss u will land among the stars'. This best known quotation really means something to me as it helps to describe what am I goin to further emphasises on this entry. People usually think what they are going to eat for tomorrow? But they somehow forget to think what they are goin to be in the next 10 years ahead. This is the circumstances that I would like and trying to clarify on this pertaining matter. From ma humble thoughts and opinions, we must always keep on wondering and dreaming on what we want to become in the near future undertaking. To be specific, an early hypotesis for me is those people who are really mean something more brighter future will at all costs try to achieve and fulfill that vision.

Nevertheless, those who dont have any wishes and dreams usually will be in a stagnant condition and hoping for a miracle to come around them. From ma point of views it is ridiculous to let the things going down and up without put any pains to gain something in future. I think we might know that we have a lot of opportunities in our life or we must have been constantly stagnant on the same level as we are at the present. Appropriately, it is the right time now to turn over our primitive thinking to open up our minds to inject with the positive thoughts.

I love to illustrate and give several analogies to explain this circumstances. First of all,if you wish to become a lecturer, you must have not stopped struggling until you reach a title of professorship. Second of all, if u plan to become a doctor, dont locate yourselves among tons of doctor who serve and treat a normal disease likewise in this current state where most of the doctors just set up a clinic after they have endured stiff challenges to become so called doctor.Being a doctor that has and possesses expertise and specialise remarks in you field. Last but not least, if you want to embark on laws and regulations, dont hope to become like a routine and daily lawyers who serve for their client pertaining general affairs but you must try to become magistrates that solve and give sanctions and verdicts to the public who committed unlawfully activities at large. All of these explain well about the maxims of 'If you want to shoot, shoot for the moon even if u miss u will land among the stars'

Therefore, lets we take an ample moments to think and dream about what we want to become and achieve in our life. All of us must remember that we only live once and we can not go backwards. When the time comes and around at 10 years in the next future, fortunately, deep inside our hearts,we are lucky that we have given prior thoughts on what we want to become in this current state.Ameen

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thanks God Its Sunday again

Well,well,well,TGIS.Sunday always be regarded as the day that most of the working's people really feel enjoyed and take a quality sleeping after a week of working days. It is a day to recharge and rejuvenating all of your energies to maintain fit and energetic. Definitely, what am I going to do on tomorrow morning.?hahaha,I always go to 'Pasar Stadium' to fill up ma free time during weekend. As I believe, this is the port to go as I dont have many friends yet here in shah alam. So this will be a place that I could maximise ma leisure time and fill up ma boring day!

Usually, breakfast would be at one of the famous food stall and ma first agenda of going there. There are lots of foods being offered there and I have unlimited wishes to taste every single dish. Such Nasi Lemak, Nasi Ambeng and ma favourite dish macaroni is a must for me before start to walk in to the various shops n 'boutique'. a truly remarkable nasi lemak and macaroni should fuIfill fews requisites at least 8/10 in term of its grading to be recognised as having a good taste. Thats why people calling it as National Dish.hahaha.I guess, here we could see many people who are from different level of social class bargain for the cheapest price. Ma journey starts from as early of 7.00 am until 1200 noon.I really enjoy to go there everyweek if I am free from any personal n family related matters. As I noticed, people of shah alam are expected to be early to the 'stadium' for escaping traffic and hardly to find parking lot. LOL!

Nevertheless, I dont bother such matters because I go there by riding ma scooter. The famous and the most interesting shop is second hand items that owned by Pak Cik Lid. He was a former civil servant previously and now starts to be a businessman. He sells secondhand items and stuff such frames,electronic appliances, books and the best part of them are rare collections with a reasonable price. I wont miss to drop by his shop whenever I come there eventhough I dont buy anything but just having a chit chat with Pak Cik Lid for a while. I think I could not stay away from going there as ma weekend will be fully utilised and complete to be there.Ok guys.. thats how I live on ma life and appreciate all ma precious moment. Arghhh, heading to bed as I really feel tired after a long 'working day' this morning.

Friday, February 24, 2012

All is well

Deep down in ma heart, this week was quite tough for me as I have to meet various demands from different 'stakeholders'.hikhik.But somehow, everything was accomplished according to what has been planned and fortunately this was amongst the awesome one.Hahaha. From ma own standing point of views, I was so happy as I did manage to get an autograph from Tun Mahathir last wednesday. Actually,I dont believe it up till now as if Iam living in ma fantasy world. PLEASE wake up dude!To tell you the truth, he came to UiTM for the purpose of delivering a lecture to all of young researchers on how to transform themselves.I joined his lecture at DATC along with ma buddies wan,bob acap and all my dear friends. Thats would be a reason why I've managed to acquire his autograph. It was personally signed and written on the memoirs of Tun Mahathir that belong to me. I was feeling aghast during that time as what did you expect to have a sign from a great leader of our nation before.It was really happening and extremely hilarious as me myself asked for his signature and being witnessed with almost 5000 thousand of crowd.HAHAHA.It was really cool actually!

During that respective day, we arrived there early in the morning to avoid being stucked in the human jammed as we couldnt bear the consequences to sit outside the hall. Well, I guessed I have become a good listener and really enjoying his speech on how to revolutionise ourselves to uphold a maxim of nothing is impossible, just do it. Our researchers could achieve a higher standard of performance in their research as compared to their counterparts in another countries if they uphold all of these three philosophies to excel namely 'SIT'. First is 'sikap' or attitudes. It determines how well you are. if u have a strong wills power you might have a strong motivation to excel in every u do. Second of all is 'Ilmu Asas' or knowledge on the subject matter. You must decide upon the field of your interest to research on. It is a must to have a passion on what area or topic you are going to embark on as It could help you to be motivated all the time. This is because you dont simply fell regretful and lazy to something that you do enjoy in doing it.Lastly is 'Tujuan' or purpose. The question that you need to answer is what are going to solve?.you dont need to solve the world problem, at least if you could manage to solve a small problem,it is still regarded as your own contribution to the body of knowledge and enrich the existing theory.Definitely you have to master and well versed with the purpose of your research whether it will help to suggest solutions, solving problems or get better understanding on the subject matters.

Towards this end, I really fell thankful and grateful to Allah S.W.T as He has blessed and granted me with fruitful ideas.When trying makes you stale, divert your mind, relax, break the strain. Ideas will start flowing again. Hopefully all of ma dear buddies who are embarking on research to have a sense of perseverance,resilience and patience to strive for a better future. Hopefully all of us will see a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Iam really confident that all of us will grad on time. All we need are buck up and speed up to face the uncertainty courageously as it will sooner or later comes around eventhough we are seems to be unprepared to going through all of them.
I was smiling from ear to ear when I looked at the autoghraph of Tun Mahathir so as made my day so meaningful:D and plus recently I've got two new pals Mai and Mon the unbiological twin sisters,HEHE who I really enjoyed to share and coax new insights and perspectives.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A day to remember

"Live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words."

In each moment we should make an attempt to make the best out of it, whether it be a situation that is already positive, or whether it be a situation that we need to help spin in a positive light. Live every moment, and remember that eventually the future will be the present.

Take time out to laugh each day, laughter is not only food for the soul, but it also helps to heal the soul in parts it may be broken.

And Love.

Love with everything inside of you. Love because love is the centre of life. Our souls are filled with love, so be sure to thoroughly love whatever may be in our hearts. Love the people around you. Love your friends. Love your enemies. Love the memories you are able to make. Most of all make sure you will love the legacy you leave behind on earth.

All of a sudden, it has been almost 2 weeks since ma beloved grandpa Allahyarham Hj Aslar bin Hj Taib left this world and especially leaving all of ma family members n his descendant.I really miss ma grandpa so deep.Let him be at peace there and be grouped among all the virtuous n righteous person. ALLAh S.W.T. is the most merciful and forgiving to all of His mankind.AMEEN:D Al-Fatihah

Sunday, January 29, 2012

family togetherness

I has been wondering whats actually my grandpa doing presently. Deeply in ma heart, I am asking for forgiveness for not paying a visit to you for almost two months . I did not do it on purpose. It is the time flies so fast as I couldnot find an ample time to go back hometown to visit you. Nevertheless. I always pray for ur good health and a quick recovery as usual after prayers.
To commence this synopsis,ma grandpa is a 'supergranpa' who has been blessed with such a noble heart. He is a very hardworking and looking forward thinkers person. Dont look at back and keep going as u must place an effort to gain something better in future. During his young days, he worked as a Royal Singapore Army.He learned many things and coaxed with many type of people as well to gain new insights. Therefore, he knows everything and helping me a lot during mine in dilemma to choose a better decision.
I can regard him as a 'Discipline teacher' during ma school day previously because he was the one who observed me whenever I tried to skip for attending religious school classes. He taught me how to be independent and not heavily too dependent on others as u must survive and step on your own feet. This is the reason that has brought me up till now. Furthermore, he is a perfectionist type of person who always seek to achieve his goals accordingly.
But no matter what, I have to find time to visit him due to his unwell condition. InshaAllah Tok I will remember and resemble all your good deeds and courage to be such a competent person in future. I will bring you to enjoy outdoor views as you are stucked in ur room lately. I believe you are eager to go and having ASAM PEDAS outside in Batu Pahat as we usually do. Last but not least, you are such a gift from Allah to guide and lead ur descendant on the right paths in this grim reality and thereafter. We will have a moment soonest Tok as I will come to visit you around and gather again as "FAMILY TOGETHERNESS"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Better Plan Than Never!

Strategic planning of Malaysia. As I learn and review the literature of strategic plans of Malaysia to be as developed nation by the year of 2020. What causes our country to take the forms it takes n what causes our country takes the direction into the future. As I believe we couldnot expect something in future as we are not born as knowing everything or imperfect. However,at least we have planned via Tun Mahathir's agenda to see what Malaysia is in future! n a spirit of 1 Malaysia that is flourished by DS Najib.
Malaysians of 2020 may possess the following characteristics:
1. Global mentality rather that of localised mentality
2. Global investments rather than local investments
3. More than half of Malaysians are diploma or degree holders
4. A few Malaysian sportsmen may be world class athletes
5. A few Malaysians may achieve internal fame through education or sports
6. Malaysians would be more courteous and friendly
7. Malaysian drivers would be more law abiding
8. Most business transactions would be available through the internet
9. Drug problems may be getting worst than before
10. Malaysians voters would vote based on their educational backgrounds rather than racial lines
11. The cots and standard of living would skyrocket
12. Malaysians would be more civic, law and health conscious
13. Malaysians would be living in a healthy and prosperous environment

My Role Model-Life is all about measurement

Less than 24 hours, I have started posting an entry for my blog.Besides,I dont know what am I supposed to do now. Suddenly, I remembered my idol Mr Zul who was my former gurus and supervisor..hmmm. Absolutely, It was an adorable moments as I have been given an opportunity for being his student in his class. I started to know him during ma diploma days at UiTM Alor Gajah as he is the one who appointed me as a class rep. Since then, I have been honoured as a class rep till ma studies ended in bachelor's degree. During that time, he was a very structured lecturer I've ever known.He placed his unlimited trust to me as a class rep in his class throughout the whole semester. Up till now, I still keep in touch with him,eventhough I have move out to Shah Alam. He is a man who has wisdome to see things.

As I know, he was renowned as best student during Diploma n Bachelor's degree at UiTM previously. I have tried to emulate his styles and characters as I really admiring his personality and appearance as well. The way he speaks n motivating me, makes ma days really meaningful.I like the way he inspires others. I like his speech, its awesome and gives a lots of lesson to be learnt. He is a charismatic enough to be a good leader as he is quite spontaneous and friendly gurus. One of the reason I further ma studies is because of his advice to search for knowledge and going excel in ma future undertaking.The most important thing is my research title at master's degree is on Strategic Management as he taught me that subject before.

Indeed, I really hope that someday I will become like him as an outstanding lecturer. I wish I could be there, standing beside him and being his colleague as well.Ameen
Life is all about measurement!I keep on this philosophy as everything gets to be measured nowdays.!. ASPIRE TO BE LIKE HIM in future.
Btw, a million thanks to him! you are such heaven's gift!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the beauty of loitering

For starter, this morning I went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi at Klang after having fun with all ma superb family members during our vacation at Janda Baik yesterday. I intentionally just dropping by at Jusco to pick up my order from WatchZone as I have placed the watch last weekend.However, after the business deal ,hahaha was settled between us. straight away I walked around in the Jusco to scout or window shopping as I had plenty of time.

Later on, I searched for MCD to enjoy chicken prosperity,however there were a lot of people queuing for their turn. Actually, It was really completely astonished as there were lot of people as unusual. Then I realised, it was due to school holidays plus with the chinese new year leave.hahaha. I left the waiting line n moved out to KFC to enjoy XMEAL. Nevertheless, it was hard to find table as the were too many people n the places were limited too.

My story began whenever I was searching for table there was one old chinese man offered me to share a same table to enjoy our meals. At first I was quite defensive, but because of the way this Chinese old man asked me to join him along with his wife were too polite n in sincerely manners. I agreed to join them, and our conversation began as they were too friendly to greet maself. I started ma chat by asking where they came from? Then I realised that they were Hong Kong's foreigners who have stayed somewhere in Shah Alam for almost 5 years. They told me that they are staying along with their only son who are working in YTL at KL.

After I had some chatting with them, I forgot to introduce maself as I should respect them because Iam younger than them. We talked about economy, government policies and politics. They really respect DS najib for his tremendous efforts to ensure our nation is growing to compete with our neighbouring countries such Spore n Hong Kong.I was told that in Hong Kong, their working hours are around 12 hours n commencing from 8am to 9pm as compared to our nation start from 8 to 5pm. Then, they told that their private sectors are really competitive to sustain for economic growth. In Hong Kong the prices of housing,lands and necessities are quite increasing as the cost for an apartment with 10 squarefeet are almost 10 milHK.hahaha.

We should be thankful and grateful as our nation is still at moderation level in term of everything. Dont spoil everything as u might be regretful to what u have done for all the time. Then, we exchanged our contact no n email address. Joe n his wife Ellcye expressed their feeling n emotions positively to live in our country because all of its citizens are well mannered and very kind. They informed me to email anything If I want to know every single thing about Hong kong. Furthermore, they insisted me to further ma philosophy Degree at overseas such UK n Australia as ma mind wont be too limited and can learn others cultures as well. Ameen.

Lastly, we were enjoying the meals together n then moved out from KFC. I really enjoyed having some dialogue together with Joe n his wife as they are very kind n friendly type of people. Next, both of us have planned to meet up again during our leisure time. I got lot of experiences dealt with foreigners in coaxing new insights and perspectives forn ma future endeavours.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Xong Hee Fatt Choy

We meet up again guys for this new literature.First n foremost, to my Chinese friends and colleagues SHAWN,THOMAS n ERIC, Xong Hee Fatt Choy. May the tiger bring happiness, prosperity and good health to us. are you ma dear fellow bloggers? Hopefully, holiday is always a pleasure and a real happening if one is able to manage the time wisely.Tomorrow will be the day that all of my family members gather as a whole and part of Hj Aslar family descendant. We are expected to arrive at 7am..hahaha as the programme will be kicked up during that early morning.This is the first time of our family gathering as all of us will be staying at Janda Baik for two days n nights. I wish all of us will be having joys, happiness and extremely enjoy chilling moments during our stay there. Btw, this hilarious moments will be fully utilised by all of us to spare some quality time together with our relatives members.hikhikhik and may Allah gives strengths to our beloved grandpa Hj Aslar for a quick recovery and good healths.AMEEN
To my dear friends too, wishing u a Happy Holidays and ensure yourselves maximise your times:D
Happy Holidays.!

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Literature in ma life!

It has been more than a year since ma last blog entry appeared for everyone. Hopefully this is a move to revolutionize maself to kick up a start for blogging again. Nevermind, I try to persuade maself to throw out what has been surrounding me since I have started to live in the new environment and place which I admired before.hahaha:P This would be quite a funny story actually.
For sure, I keep on wondering and dreaming why am I being here to pursue ma intuitive desire in Shah Alam. I believe knowledge is abundant, and it wont stop or end the moment u have graduated from ur bachelor's studies. Concurrently, I try to coax new friends who might be able to offer me new insights and perspectives on new issues. Fortunately, I have found friends who are really enjoyable and academically directing me to the right paths. Just mention a few of them Wan,bob,mahadhir,acap,nik,ria,anis,Haizum,sumey,kaka,boolat,
nana,ainxiaojie,fatin,syida who are really make ma live today totally a pleasure and real happening especially during our meeting at FAC. A part from that, I am very grateful and thankful for giving me such a motherly SV. She keeps on inspiring me by her words of encouragement to continue ma journey as well as completing ma studies in the expected time. All I know, we must have self discipline, strong wills power and time management to face these hurdles challenges.
Next, I want to prove to others that I could survive on this journey,though there are much on critics rather than constructive supports. I wont be able to write everything here as there are much stories to be told infinitely.hikhikhik.just keep moving and start to build up ur competences(deep in ma heart) to be somebody in the near future.AMEEN
May excellence continues guys. dont forget to 'tawakkal' as the last step after u have put your utmost efforts in everything. Put respect too to ur parents, siblings, relatives and those whom you cared n loved the most.hikhik.last but not least, just want to put on this,yesterday was a history, tomorrow is goin to be as mysteries so live today because it is a gift in ur life.!
So this coming Chinese new year, happy Holiday! and manage ur time wisely. Go and visit you long lost friends and don't forget your siblings and relatives too.haahah.Simultaneously, our research must go on too guys.!good luck n tk cr:D