Friday, February 24, 2012

All is well

Deep down in ma heart, this week was quite tough for me as I have to meet various demands from different 'stakeholders'.hikhik.But somehow, everything was accomplished according to what has been planned and fortunately this was amongst the awesome one.Hahaha. From ma own standing point of views, I was so happy as I did manage to get an autograph from Tun Mahathir last wednesday. Actually,I dont believe it up till now as if Iam living in ma fantasy world. PLEASE wake up dude!To tell you the truth, he came to UiTM for the purpose of delivering a lecture to all of young researchers on how to transform themselves.I joined his lecture at DATC along with ma buddies wan,bob acap and all my dear friends. Thats would be a reason why I've managed to acquire his autograph. It was personally signed and written on the memoirs of Tun Mahathir that belong to me. I was feeling aghast during that time as what did you expect to have a sign from a great leader of our nation before.It was really happening and extremely hilarious as me myself asked for his signature and being witnessed with almost 5000 thousand of crowd.HAHAHA.It was really cool actually!

During that respective day, we arrived there early in the morning to avoid being stucked in the human jammed as we couldnt bear the consequences to sit outside the hall. Well, I guessed I have become a good listener and really enjoying his speech on how to revolutionise ourselves to uphold a maxim of nothing is impossible, just do it. Our researchers could achieve a higher standard of performance in their research as compared to their counterparts in another countries if they uphold all of these three philosophies to excel namely 'SIT'. First is 'sikap' or attitudes. It determines how well you are. if u have a strong wills power you might have a strong motivation to excel in every u do. Second of all is 'Ilmu Asas' or knowledge on the subject matter. You must decide upon the field of your interest to research on. It is a must to have a passion on what area or topic you are going to embark on as It could help you to be motivated all the time. This is because you dont simply fell regretful and lazy to something that you do enjoy in doing it.Lastly is 'Tujuan' or purpose. The question that you need to answer is what are going to solve?.you dont need to solve the world problem, at least if you could manage to solve a small problem,it is still regarded as your own contribution to the body of knowledge and enrich the existing theory.Definitely you have to master and well versed with the purpose of your research whether it will help to suggest solutions, solving problems or get better understanding on the subject matters.

Towards this end, I really fell thankful and grateful to Allah S.W.T as He has blessed and granted me with fruitful ideas.When trying makes you stale, divert your mind, relax, break the strain. Ideas will start flowing again. Hopefully all of ma dear buddies who are embarking on research to have a sense of perseverance,resilience and patience to strive for a better future. Hopefully all of us will see a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Iam really confident that all of us will grad on time. All we need are buck up and speed up to face the uncertainty courageously as it will sooner or later comes around eventhough we are seems to be unprepared to going through all of them.
I was smiling from ear to ear when I looked at the autoghraph of Tun Mahathir so as made my day so meaningful:D and plus recently I've got two new pals Mai and Mon the unbiological twin sisters,HEHE who I really enjoyed to share and coax new insights and perspectives.


  1. following you Bro!! "Saya follow orang tertentu je". hahahahaha.

    Wah ada nama aku laaaa...terharu seh!

    1. hahaha.tu la siapa la aku ni.patutnya ak yg ckp mcm tu la mai.dpt follows otai blogger cam ko nih.hehehe..please gives me ur guidance sifu as Iam such a poor blogger