Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Role Model-Life is all about measurement

Less than 24 hours, I have started posting an entry for my blog.Besides,I dont know what am I supposed to do now. Suddenly, I remembered my idol Mr Zul who was my former gurus and supervisor..hmmm. Absolutely, It was an adorable moments as I have been given an opportunity for being his student in his class. I started to know him during ma diploma days at UiTM Alor Gajah as he is the one who appointed me as a class rep. Since then, I have been honoured as a class rep till ma studies ended in bachelor's degree. During that time, he was a very structured lecturer I've ever known.He placed his unlimited trust to me as a class rep in his class throughout the whole semester. Up till now, I still keep in touch with him,eventhough I have move out to Shah Alam. He is a man who has wisdome to see things.

As I know, he was renowned as best student during Diploma n Bachelor's degree at UiTM previously. I have tried to emulate his styles and characters as I really admiring his personality and appearance as well. The way he speaks n motivating me, makes ma days really meaningful.I like the way he inspires others. I like his speech, its awesome and gives a lots of lesson to be learnt. He is a charismatic enough to be a good leader as he is quite spontaneous and friendly gurus. One of the reason I further ma studies is because of his advice to search for knowledge and going excel in ma future undertaking.The most important thing is my research title at master's degree is on Strategic Management as he taught me that subject before.

Indeed, I really hope that someday I will become like him as an outstanding lecturer. I wish I could be there, standing beside him and being his colleague as well.Ameen
Life is all about measurement!I keep on this philosophy as everything gets to be measured nowdays.!. ASPIRE TO BE LIKE HIM in future.
Btw, a million thanks to him! you are such heaven's gift!

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