Sunday, January 29, 2012

family togetherness

I has been wondering whats actually my grandpa doing presently. Deeply in ma heart, I am asking for forgiveness for not paying a visit to you for almost two months . I did not do it on purpose. It is the time flies so fast as I couldnot find an ample time to go back hometown to visit you. Nevertheless. I always pray for ur good health and a quick recovery as usual after prayers.
To commence this synopsis,ma grandpa is a 'supergranpa' who has been blessed with such a noble heart. He is a very hardworking and looking forward thinkers person. Dont look at back and keep going as u must place an effort to gain something better in future. During his young days, he worked as a Royal Singapore Army.He learned many things and coaxed with many type of people as well to gain new insights. Therefore, he knows everything and helping me a lot during mine in dilemma to choose a better decision.
I can regard him as a 'Discipline teacher' during ma school day previously because he was the one who observed me whenever I tried to skip for attending religious school classes. He taught me how to be independent and not heavily too dependent on others as u must survive and step on your own feet. This is the reason that has brought me up till now. Furthermore, he is a perfectionist type of person who always seek to achieve his goals accordingly.
But no matter what, I have to find time to visit him due to his unwell condition. InshaAllah Tok I will remember and resemble all your good deeds and courage to be such a competent person in future. I will bring you to enjoy outdoor views as you are stucked in ur room lately. I believe you are eager to go and having ASAM PEDAS outside in Batu Pahat as we usually do. Last but not least, you are such a gift from Allah to guide and lead ur descendant on the right paths in this grim reality and thereafter. We will have a moment soonest Tok as I will come to visit you around and gather again as "FAMILY TOGETHERNESS"

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