Sunday, March 4, 2012

A maxim of strategic thinking

'If you want to shoot, shoot for the moon even if u miss u will land among the stars'. This best known quotation really means something to me as it helps to describe what am I goin to further emphasises on this entry. People usually think what they are going to eat for tomorrow? But they somehow forget to think what they are goin to be in the next 10 years ahead. This is the circumstances that I would like and trying to clarify on this pertaining matter. From ma humble thoughts and opinions, we must always keep on wondering and dreaming on what we want to become in the near future undertaking. To be specific, an early hypotesis for me is those people who are really mean something more brighter future will at all costs try to achieve and fulfill that vision.

Nevertheless, those who dont have any wishes and dreams usually will be in a stagnant condition and hoping for a miracle to come around them. From ma point of views it is ridiculous to let the things going down and up without put any pains to gain something in future. I think we might know that we have a lot of opportunities in our life or we must have been constantly stagnant on the same level as we are at the present. Appropriately, it is the right time now to turn over our primitive thinking to open up our minds to inject with the positive thoughts.

I love to illustrate and give several analogies to explain this circumstances. First of all,if you wish to become a lecturer, you must have not stopped struggling until you reach a title of professorship. Second of all, if u plan to become a doctor, dont locate yourselves among tons of doctor who serve and treat a normal disease likewise in this current state where most of the doctors just set up a clinic after they have endured stiff challenges to become so called doctor.Being a doctor that has and possesses expertise and specialise remarks in you field. Last but not least, if you want to embark on laws and regulations, dont hope to become like a routine and daily lawyers who serve for their client pertaining general affairs but you must try to become magistrates that solve and give sanctions and verdicts to the public who committed unlawfully activities at large. All of these explain well about the maxims of 'If you want to shoot, shoot for the moon even if u miss u will land among the stars'

Therefore, lets we take an ample moments to think and dream about what we want to become and achieve in our life. All of us must remember that we only live once and we can not go backwards. When the time comes and around at 10 years in the next future, fortunately, deep inside our hearts,we are lucky that we have given prior thoughts on what we want to become in this current state.Ameen

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