Monday, May 24, 2010

Turn up to campus again! after enduring greater obstacles

Back to campus after spent around a week in UiTM Alor Gajah last week for attending FSPPP's convention. The theme of this respective convention was selected and discussed among us both from BASS& DIPAC commities in which "transforming FSPPP towards world class faculty.This was the second convention that was held and organized by FSPPP and fortunately UiTM Melaka has been acknowledged by the Faculty to chair this superior convention starting from 19th until 22nd of May 2010. This honourship was given to us and the preparations were done 2 months prior this actual day of the convention. Subsequently, I have been honoured as the 1st Deputy of project leader and shoulder this responsibilities with my utmost fullest commitments and promises that the event will be organized and run smoothly and all the delegations throughout the nation would satisfy and recognising us because of the successfulness of chairing this great event. Then all the delegations were stationised in the Hostel together with the all of commities members. I believe this event has reached its goals and most of the resolution accompanied with the consenses on how to transform the faculty towards world class faculty has been achieved its target. Btw, thank a lot to all the people behind this event who worked days to night for almost a week solely for the purpose of running the event accordingly. Credits and praises to all of us who were willing to sacrifice their sleeping and rest time for sure to wake up as early at 6.30 a.m. The backbone of this event MR FAEZ who have coordinating and finding solutions to address the problems that voiced out by the delegations concerning certain matters. This is imperative and important to notify that all of us have accomplished this event successfully and went beyond other expections that believed the organizer didnt achieve the theme of this conventions. Finally we have handed over the next convention will be held at UiTM Kedah in 2011. Hopefully the excellence of our convention will be further prolonged by them and realising the global aspirations of UiTM to be a world class university. well au revoir to everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

conservative ways of thinking

For starter.oohh well, before this i used to believe that most of the people who created blogs were considered as doing nothing and just playing around..later on, i have started to think that they were not doing nothing but at least make their brain working because they have to think deeply and wisely before they want to post something.. so i have decided to start blogging and being considered as a new comer and really need others help to guide least we can share ideas and experiences because i believe experience is the best teacher..chowww

Sunday, January 17, 2010

a beautiful Monday

currently, im enjoying myself at lab with my classmates..
the lecturer got something work to do so she has left us alone without hesitation..
so i grab this chance in commenting something concerning what is happening around 430 oclock i have to rush to Mara Building to get a design of our Faculty shirt for Festival Sukan. to be informed, i have to present the design in Bass Meeting this evening.. besides there are a lot of work to do for the whole day..not to forget, tomorrow my Bel's lecturer has asked for the whole 4D's students to submit a report that writes about anything..just to measure how well we are doing in writing skills..thats all for me at the moment..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

brief about ma self

First of all, this is ma first attempt to create will be a channel that can be shared by everyone especially people around me in sharing their feelings, thoughts, emotions and opinions regarding anything..second of all, it also will help me to improve ma skills and broadening ma knowledge..