Friday, January 20, 2012

New Literature in ma life!

It has been more than a year since ma last blog entry appeared for everyone. Hopefully this is a move to revolutionize maself to kick up a start for blogging again. Nevermind, I try to persuade maself to throw out what has been surrounding me since I have started to live in the new environment and place which I admired before.hahaha:P This would be quite a funny story actually.
For sure, I keep on wondering and dreaming why am I being here to pursue ma intuitive desire in Shah Alam. I believe knowledge is abundant, and it wont stop or end the moment u have graduated from ur bachelor's studies. Concurrently, I try to coax new friends who might be able to offer me new insights and perspectives on new issues. Fortunately, I have found friends who are really enjoyable and academically directing me to the right paths. Just mention a few of them Wan,bob,mahadhir,acap,nik,ria,anis,Haizum,sumey,kaka,boolat,
nana,ainxiaojie,fatin,syida who are really make ma live today totally a pleasure and real happening especially during our meeting at FAC. A part from that, I am very grateful and thankful for giving me such a motherly SV. She keeps on inspiring me by her words of encouragement to continue ma journey as well as completing ma studies in the expected time. All I know, we must have self discipline, strong wills power and time management to face these hurdles challenges.
Next, I want to prove to others that I could survive on this journey,though there are much on critics rather than constructive supports. I wont be able to write everything here as there are much stories to be told infinitely.hikhikhik.just keep moving and start to build up ur competences(deep in ma heart) to be somebody in the near future.AMEEN
May excellence continues guys. dont forget to 'tawakkal' as the last step after u have put your utmost efforts in everything. Put respect too to ur parents, siblings, relatives and those whom you cared n loved the most.hikhik.last but not least, just want to put on this,yesterday was a history, tomorrow is goin to be as mysteries so live today because it is a gift in ur life.!
So this coming Chinese new year, happy Holiday! and manage ur time wisely. Go and visit you long lost friends and don't forget your siblings and relatives too.haahah.Simultaneously, our research must go on too guys.!good luck n tk cr:D


  1. ha lamenye tak update blog nye tuh..huuu skali tulis panjang plak...hehehe....gudluck for our future....

    1. What a pleasant surprised.Hope the best for your future undertaking dek. I really miss our sweet moments before:D just keep in touch