Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thanks God Its Sunday again

Well,well,well,TGIS.Sunday always be regarded as the day that most of the working's people really feel enjoyed and take a quality sleeping after a week of working days. It is a day to recharge and rejuvenating all of your energies to maintain fit and energetic. Definitely, what am I going to do on tomorrow morning.?hahaha,I always go to 'Pasar Stadium' to fill up ma free time during weekend. As I believe, this is the port to go as I dont have many friends yet here in shah alam. So this will be a place that I could maximise ma leisure time and fill up ma boring day!

Usually, breakfast would be at one of the famous food stall and ma first agenda of going there. There are lots of foods being offered there and I have unlimited wishes to taste every single dish. Such Nasi Lemak, Nasi Ambeng and ma favourite dish macaroni is a must for me before start to walk in to the various shops n 'boutique'. a truly remarkable nasi lemak and macaroni should fuIfill fews requisites at least 8/10 in term of its grading to be recognised as having a good taste. Thats why people calling it as National Dish.hahaha.I guess, here we could see many people who are from different level of social class bargain for the cheapest price. Ma journey starts from as early of 7.00 am until 1200 noon.I really enjoy to go there everyweek if I am free from any personal n family related matters. As I noticed, people of shah alam are expected to be early to the 'stadium' for escaping traffic and hardly to find parking lot. LOL!

Nevertheless, I dont bother such matters because I go there by riding ma scooter. The famous and the most interesting shop is second hand items that owned by Pak Cik Lid. He was a former civil servant previously and now starts to be a businessman. He sells secondhand items and stuff such frames,electronic appliances, books and the best part of them are rare collections with a reasonable price. I wont miss to drop by his shop whenever I come there eventhough I dont buy anything but just having a chit chat with Pak Cik Lid for a while. I think I could not stay away from going there as ma weekend will be fully utilised and complete to be there.Ok guys.. thats how I live on ma life and appreciate all ma precious moment. Arghhh, heading to bed as I really feel tired after a long 'working day' this morning.

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