Thursday, January 26, 2012

Better Plan Than Never!

Strategic planning of Malaysia. As I learn and review the literature of strategic plans of Malaysia to be as developed nation by the year of 2020. What causes our country to take the forms it takes n what causes our country takes the direction into the future. As I believe we couldnot expect something in future as we are not born as knowing everything or imperfect. However,at least we have planned via Tun Mahathir's agenda to see what Malaysia is in future! n a spirit of 1 Malaysia that is flourished by DS Najib.
Malaysians of 2020 may possess the following characteristics:
1. Global mentality rather that of localised mentality
2. Global investments rather than local investments
3. More than half of Malaysians are diploma or degree holders
4. A few Malaysian sportsmen may be world class athletes
5. A few Malaysians may achieve internal fame through education or sports
6. Malaysians would be more courteous and friendly
7. Malaysian drivers would be more law abiding
8. Most business transactions would be available through the internet
9. Drug problems may be getting worst than before
10. Malaysians voters would vote based on their educational backgrounds rather than racial lines
11. The cots and standard of living would skyrocket
12. Malaysians would be more civic, law and health conscious
13. Malaysians would be living in a healthy and prosperous environment

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