Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the beauty of loitering

For starter, this morning I went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi at Klang after having fun with all ma superb family members during our vacation at Janda Baik yesterday. I intentionally just dropping by at Jusco to pick up my order from WatchZone as I have placed the watch last weekend.However, after the business deal ,hahaha was settled between us. straight away I walked around in the Jusco to scout or window shopping as I had plenty of time.

Later on, I searched for MCD to enjoy chicken prosperity,however there were a lot of people queuing for their turn. Actually, It was really completely astonished as there were lot of people as unusual. Then I realised, it was due to school holidays plus with the chinese new year leave.hahaha. I left the waiting line n moved out to KFC to enjoy XMEAL. Nevertheless, it was hard to find table as the were too many people n the places were limited too.

My story began whenever I was searching for table there was one old chinese man offered me to share a same table to enjoy our meals. At first I was quite defensive, but because of the way this Chinese old man asked me to join him along with his wife were too polite n in sincerely manners. I agreed to join them, and our conversation began as they were too friendly to greet maself. I started ma chat by asking where they came from? Then I realised that they were Hong Kong's foreigners who have stayed somewhere in Shah Alam for almost 5 years. They told me that they are staying along with their only son who are working in YTL at KL.

After I had some chatting with them, I forgot to introduce maself as I should respect them because Iam younger than them. We talked about economy, government policies and politics. They really respect DS najib for his tremendous efforts to ensure our nation is growing to compete with our neighbouring countries such Spore n Hong Kong.I was told that in Hong Kong, their working hours are around 12 hours n commencing from 8am to 9pm as compared to our nation start from 8 to 5pm. Then, they told that their private sectors are really competitive to sustain for economic growth. In Hong Kong the prices of housing,lands and necessities are quite increasing as the cost for an apartment with 10 squarefeet are almost 10 milHK.hahaha.

We should be thankful and grateful as our nation is still at moderation level in term of everything. Dont spoil everything as u might be regretful to what u have done for all the time. Then, we exchanged our contact no n email address. Joe n his wife Ellcye expressed their feeling n emotions positively to live in our country because all of its citizens are well mannered and very kind. They informed me to email anything If I want to know every single thing about Hong kong. Furthermore, they insisted me to further ma philosophy Degree at overseas such UK n Australia as ma mind wont be too limited and can learn others cultures as well. Ameen.

Lastly, we were enjoying the meals together n then moved out from KFC. I really enjoyed having some dialogue together with Joe n his wife as they are very kind n friendly type of people. Next, both of us have planned to meet up again during our leisure time. I got lot of experiences dealt with foreigners in coaxing new insights and perspectives forn ma future endeavours.

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